Apple Airpods for the final summer raffle prize

Apple Airpods for the final summer raffle prize

What do you think? same as last year or would you prefer something new/different?


Yes, I think they are a good prize because people will want to get points and be good so they can get tickets but I do agree that their should be more prizes.

Samsung galaxy bud better

i think air pods are fine but there should be more than 1 prize because i have over 50 tickets and i still wont get them ,so have no more than three or have beats ones because there dead good. Also no one wants a pencil for 50 points when you can get one for free just on the floor or at home.🐹

Yes I think you should keep the airpods in the raffle & keep the gift vouchers👍

loads of people already have airpods so probably wouldn't be a good prize for 99% of ppl

honestly idc about wireless earphones

I think for a year 11 prize for their last few days could be something like a cash prize or some kind of phone or laptop

yeah i still like the airpods

Airpods were chosen by the school council last year and seem to have been a popular prize!

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