day off

day off

if ye have loads of points ye get a day off


cos kids will like it

Great idea, but it isn't legal for schools to authorise absence as a reward. It would still have to count as unauthorised - so a truancy! Maybe some reward during school time instead of lessons might be possible?

I think we can all agree that the school is meant to promote education. Even if the school isn’t great at doing this, incentivising absence doesn’t really stick with the aforementioned principle, or the law.


No its illegal except for serious reasons such as a snow day

slyp al dae

go hom hav fuun

vere foon

day of gud

scuol it badd

i dont like scule

you would be bored

dont think thats legal but ok

you can play on your PS4 all day

agree with this would encourage kids to work harder

it would easily interrupt school learning time and will confuse the student and make them lack behind compared to the rest of the class.

it not legal❌

I think it’s illegal because u have to learn at school and u can’t have a day off it’s education 😀

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