Drink machine

Drink machine

If plastic bottles get banned, We could get a drink machine that uses paper cups and then fill it with aqua splash and suso’s and the other drinks the canteen sells!


As you will probably know, drinks such as aqua splash, are sold in single use plastic bottles. To my knowledge they only supply them like this. So with these you will have to empty the contents of said bottles into the machine. This will likely create equal or more plastic waste, which just violates the premise. As well as the fact it won’t be very cheap. Instead we should be more pragmatic and continue to use the vending machines while simultaneously not buying these single-use plastic bottles.

but it could be an idea for a class charts rewards

Yes i totally agree to this because if we had a drink machine then lots of people would bring in bottles instead of using plastic bottles.

most likely it will get broken or be too expensive for the school to buy more and more drinks as it gets popular among students

it will get broken easily...

We could put it where the till is in the canteen, that way the dinner staff can see if it is being used stupidly.


if it would be a reward thing it will have to be 700+ points...

This would be really good and help the environment from plastic bottles!

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