Shorter Days

Shorter Days

I think with most schools i know finishing before us around here that we should finish earlier too. I think we should take 5 minutes off morning tutor and we should make lunch shorter by 15 mins. At break and lunch i think we should embed the changeover into it so this will make the day shorter. If we do all of this this will make our new finishing time 3:10 as we lose 25 mins over the day.


The days are going to be 15mins shorter after easter anyway

we will have to contest the objective (the train station) against the enemy team (Formby High) aka: we will probably overwhelm the train station as both schools will have to get onto the train and their will probably be a massive scrap #Merseysidescraps

I don't think we should loose 15 minuets of or lunch. People have clubs and if its something like Anime Club we loose 15 minuets of potential anime. Also, its going to cause a big mess for the parents schedules. I don't have my own house key and now my mum is going to have to have a chat with her boss.

i like this idea

shorter days

yes can to

People will have more time in the day as they're spending more time than they need to in school

get home earlier n revise longer for years 10 and 11

I agree because some have to get the train to school which means we get home later which gives us less time to do the homework we get

this is a really good point because most pupils have to get the train and it's quite hard to get the train if your teacher lets you out + getting food tech or having to speak to a teacher. i think this is a really good point.

less homework, as dont we go to school to learn? not at home where we should be relaxing to get away from the stress of school.

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