No more swearing

No more swearing

I believe that if a swear word is used in a direct insult to someone it should be an instance detention. Swears can negatively impact someone’s mental health and would effect their learning. I don’t know anyone who wants that. Please consider this please


No one wants to go home upset with that bottled up inside. It is happening to often.

It seems a bit pointless as swearing as an insult is generally considered bullying. Which the school has a very strict policy on and rightly so. Also, any ban is hard to enforce as pupils would only be found out to have sworn in this way if: 1. A teacher is nearby, but kids will often stop when there is a teacher 2. They are reported to a teacher, but evidence will be scarce and the only way to be certain is a confession. This seems unlikely

get over it

depends on the context. if you're just hanging out with mates, say, playing football and use a swear to tell them how shocking their kick was i think that'd be fine. plus swearing already isnt allowed. if expression is restricted by banning words then school will probably go from feeling like prison to feeling like the gulags


it's really hard to make people stop so it's not really worth it .

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