Make Uniforms Cheaper

Make Uniforms Cheaper

Uniforms are quite expensive, bar the bare necessities such as shirts and trousers/skirts. However, things like Ties, Blazers, PE Kits and Shoes are quite expensive. We should either create cheaper alternatives or make some elements optional.


I mean, the school can't really do that.

Range do not decide the prices of uniforms I dont think, (do they even sell them?) It's shops like Whitakers (or however its spelt) that make the uniforms and decide the prices (correct me if I am wrong)

There is no way you can influence the price of multi million corporations like tesco and asda ect

the school doesn't sell anything in the uniform apart from the tie

It will be cheaper, meaning if a part of a uniform or PE Kit is lost, it doesn’t leave parents ever reluctant to buy a new element. This will lead to less uniform related detentions

the uniforms are rather expensive and the more irrelevant things in school uniform should be optional

Everyone is saying that we don’t sell the majority of our uniform. That’s true. But please read what I’ve actually said, make some elements optional, or create cheaper alternatives.

Make uniforms cheaper stop

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