Can we have an icon in class charts instead of wasting paper on giving everyone a timetable. I know it is possible I have seen other schools do it and it saves lots of paper.


Lots of paper is an exaggeration.

This is absurd you may have memorised your timetable but i certainly haven't along with many other pupils. How INCONVENIENT would it me to use you phone every time you wanted to see what lesson your in next. In addition phones are banned and it just wouldn't work. If you want to save paper, speak to departments and ask about their paper use ect, saving around 1000 pieces of A4 wont do anything. For example Citizenship mornings all the paper is wasted and maybe we could do it online.

It saves paper

this is a really good idea because i am always trying to remember my time table and if you lose it then you will be allowed to see it on your phone

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