Allow Phones at lunch and break, listening to music.

Allow Phones at lunch and break, listening to music.

i dont see why we cant use are phones at lunch and break also nothing bad would come from using headphones to listen too music around the school. We get Air pods from a school raffel and cant even use them in school


people get bored at break and lunch so they could use there phones or at least listen to music


I'd be fine with this; it would give students more ample chances to get revision done - especially if, for instance, there are no computers available in the library and\or elsewhere. It could also reduce the amount of students wandering the corridors at break and lunchtime; a student could find somewhere, get their phone out and do whatever they need to before the bell goes. Friends also sometimes like to use their phones while together so this could even help students make friends easier.

Exactly. There is no reason why not, theres no negative effect and will reduce violence as people will be distracted on their phone. BOOM

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