stop letting year sevens in early

stop letting year sevens in early

they take up so much space like seriously why do they take so long to eat


keep it

we deserve to keep early lunch and when it does get taken away we will respect it

We had like 2 weeks on early lunch, how dare you have a whole year.

year sevens eat for too long

Yes - we only had 1 week and the Y7s are getting it permanently, at least, change it each half term or so, e.g, yr8s then yr9s etc.

year 7 absolutely wreck the place and leave the worst food for everyone else. You don't deserve it Emily Crabtree

year 9's only had about 2-3 weeks early and the year 8's only had 5-6 weeks early. so i don't get why the year 7's can go early for half the year. \_('-')_/

Yeah i think they have had enough time going in early now and i think they have had enough time to get used to the school.

get rid of y7s easy

yes us year 8s got a smaller time😒

if anything year 10s and 11s deserve to go straight in as they're doing their gcses and they are working harder , year 7 have had there time and they are settled into the school .

Get rid of early y7

seriously do not

dont seriously that was over statement

its been to long with them coming in so they should stop them coming or put them down

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