Allow Students to Serve on The Governing Body

Allow Students to Serve on The Governing Body

Seeing as the School is, first and foremost, for the students, we should be permitted to have a say in how it is governed. Not just by advice to the Governing body and governors, but actual serving on these. This is the best way to ensure student ideas and proposals have an impact.


we already have the school council

chelsea ann slater 8jll they dont realy do much though?

most of the time i would say communism is better but honestly i can't believe the school hasnt already done this. and no, student council doesn't count

I think there should be a chance to at least have a choice and have a stronger voice.

It creates an even greater sense of integration, community and participation from the students and it ensures student interests are protected during discussions.

Even if no one has turned up in the past, and even if they don't in the future. There's no harm in at least opening up the meetings to students(e.g. posting times around school ect).

Great idea, but the issue is student's turning up when the Governing Body meets. We used to do this and no-one wanted to be there at 5pm!

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