Go home in pe kits

Go home in pe kits

If we have PE period 5, we should be able to go home in our PE kits. Getting changed is uncomfortable and cuts time off the lesson. It’s also awkward for people who need to get home quickly or get the train/bus as it can mean leaving school later than usual.


I concur


I agree Harry :)

who dat barry

It saves alot of time, not getting changed

It would save a lot of time

hi harry

hello harry, very not cringe speech!!

I think we should be allowed because i have to get the train and when getting changed i miss it

Last year, you were able to go home in your kits at the end of period 5, don't tell me they have changed the rules, also, it's way better just going home in kit!

More time in PE spent doing PE rather than getting changed

There are very few reasons not to allow pupils to leave with their PE kits on. The kit still has our school emblem on so students deserve the right to walk home in clothing of their choosing. After 3:35 they're not in school anymore, they should be able to wear what they want.

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